why i want to start writing

ive been on medium for a few years, off and on anyways. mostly as a reader, but ive typed up a couple of pieces to share. however, i was reluctant to post my writing. im still reluctant, for a number of reasons.

but the only way im going to improve my writing, is to write more and post it. whether it is well received or not isnt important. this is for me more than anybody. similar to the podcast i do a few times a week, which is like an audio journal i blast out into the void that is the internet. i wont plug the pod because that would defeat the purpose of it being anonymous and not promoted.

so this is the first of what i hope to become a weekly series. theres no agenda or set topic. ill just check in each tuesday to catch up. Some topics im sure will pop up often, MMA / UFC, Health / Fitness, Nutrition, Philosophy, Comedy, Spirituality, Current Events, etc.

hopefully that gives a decent overview on this new project. if youre reading this, thanks for tuning in. next post will be tuesday march 1st



Philosophy, Psychology, Religion, Consciousness, Spirituality

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